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Where to buy pebblecrete

Pebblecrete is usually mixed by large concrete companies who blend pebbles, concrete and binders that adhere to a concrete slab or can sometimes be mixed into the slab itself. Getting the ratio between the 3 different elements that go into making pebblecrete is critical. Too much or too little of concrete, pebbles or binders can leave you with a weak mix that will crack and eventually break away over time. We supply a large range of pebblecrete to renderers, handymen, concreters and pool repairers in multiple colours. All our pebblecrete is made from natural pebbles locally sourced to give you a premium long lasting clean finish. Our pebblecrete repair kits are suitable for repairing cracks or missing sections of pebblecrete on swimming pools or pathways and we can also supply preblended bags for those larger projects of 10 square meters or more that can be collected from the depot on the Gold Coast QLD. To view our range of pebblecrete click here.

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