Pebblecrete Repair Kit

Pebblecrete Repair Kit

Delivered Throughout Australia Directly To Your Front Door. Repair pebblecrete yourself with one of our easy to use pebblecrete repair kits.

Just Add Water!

Easy to use premixed pebblecrete repair kit in a bucket. Each kit comes with dry premixed pebblecrete, trowel, pebblecrete sprayer and easy to follow Instructions.


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Just add water, trowel on and wait for it to dry then use the supplied spray nozzle that connects to any garden hose to expose your pebblecrete finish. 

Kits come in two sizes 0.5 and 1 square meter.

It's just like icing a cake. No need to use your pebblecrete repair kit in one go. Mix as much as you require and store the rest of the dry mix for another day.

We only use natural pebbles in all of our kits sourced from reputable suppliers to give you a long lasting natural finish.


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